Functionality in Hardware and Software

Our product portfolio comprises the appropriate control units for our motors, i.e. servo amplifiers and stepper motor amplifiers. With the servo amplifiers of Jenaer Antriebstechnik you can solve a lot of drive tasks. The multi talents ECOVARIO® and ECOSTEP® are available in different steps depending on their output power. --> overall view

1-axis Servo amplifier ECOVARIO®, ECOSTEP®

The ECOVARIO® covers in four steps the output power range between 1.4 kW and 10 kW. Firmware integrated technology functions simplify the realisation of the required functionality. Customer specific enhancements are possible on request.

2-axis servo amplifiers

If you use multi-axis systems, you can save space and costs with the 2-axis servo amplifiers ECOVARIO® and ECOMiniDual. The ECOMiniDual is also available as printed circuit board for direct integration into the housing of the machine.

Stepper motor amplifiers

The ECOSTEP® 54 is suitable for applications where up to 4 stepper motor axes have to be controlled via CAN. The microstep control guarantees a high positioning accuracy and a smooth running of the motor.