Servo technology - encoder & amplifier integrated ECOMPACT® E100


Awide range of standard and optional features, for maximum flexibility

Benefits of compact servo drives ECOMPACT® E100:

  • Enormous savings potential: reduced project design work and installation effort, no space requirements in the cabinet, saving of cables and additional components
  • Designed for retrofitting and flexible automation systems which requires minimal installation space, e.g. packaging machine or picking systems
  • Many optional features for easy adaptation
  • Safety option STO
  • Sensorless motion


  • EtherCAT interface
  • Additional digital in & outs
  • Holding brake

Features ECOMPACT® E100:

  • CANopen interface
  • Four digital inputs and two digital outputs
  • Peak torque 6 Nm
  • Power supply 24-60 VDC
  • Configuration software ECOSTUDIO® included in delivery