• The Cable and Accessories Catalogue lists all the cables which are by default available for Jenaer Antriebstechnik's motor series ECOSTEP and ECOSPEED as well as for the servo amplifiers ECOSTEP and ECOVARIO (in german language).

Power Supplies


  • Single-phase power supply with and without brake chopper
  • DC or DC/AC
  • Primary: 230VAC/400VAC
  • Secondary: 24 VDC, 60 VDC, 150 VDC

Servo Amplifier Accessories


  • Ballast resistors
  • Heat sink
  • Shield set for ECOVARIO┬«
  • ECOVARIO┬«-starter kit for initial start-up: for CAN or USB
  • Diagnostics tool VARIOSWITCH for ECOVARIO┬«

Gateways / Bus Converters


  • USB-RS232 Gateway
  • Ethernet2CAN Gateway
  • CAN Dongle



ECO Studio is part of the new software package ECOSUITE and provides convenient user interfaces for commissioning and parameterization of our drives.